My New Doctor Who Inspired Scarf Arrived Today

My Amys Call Pocket Square Art Sample arrived today and I am very pleased! PLUS, it is awesome to see my name as artist printed on the piece!  It came carefully wrapped

in acid free tissue, and sent faster than I actually expected (3 weeks) for something that is custom made,
and my Doctor Who collection has other style scarves, tops, wraps and more.
My plan for this has been, and will be to frame it in a nice little frame as wall art!

The  picture is Amys Call on a Blouse Top

I really love it, can’t wait to frame it… it feels so silky, great fabric. I really believe I am going to have to buy myself one I will wear as well. I have long scarves available in the collection, might get the FIERY VORTEX art on the long scarf.…/voices/products/fiery-vortex-2


If you guys like what you see , I have TardisChasers collections in all my fashion shops. You can access them here

Source: YOWZA My New Scarf Arrived Today

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