All You Need Is Love and a little patience!

Just for anyone who might be interested, I received a wonderful FB message from Marilyn of Marniejo’s House of Scraps  apologizing for her CT Karen’s mean comment.

She is very gracious, (Marilyn) and I really respect her and her work…. Please visit her blog to see her wonderful creations.

Also, thanks to those who contacted me, or commented with your shock and comfort for me. I really don’t know why her comment upset me as much as it did, but I guess it has something to do with all the hatred and meanness in the world right now, that this extra stabbing of hatred I woke up to that morning, was just about enough. Hopefully this lady might have learned something from this, one can only hope.

To those of you who also took her comment as a personal stab at you as well, you are so precious to me, I love you (you know who you are). This is over now, and again, I am hoping a lesson has been learned here, if nothing more, to not be hateful and sit in judgement of others who might be, or believe different to you. To my close friend who took this so personally she wanted to do something about it, the matter is done and closed, and I love you.

Now for something completely different!


Go grab a freebie full of LOVE!

The Art of Love



2 thoughts on “All You Need Is Love and a little patience!

  1. Good, I was getting ready to go all crazy on this! lol….
    I am gonna go watch the Doctor Who I have on DVR now ❤

    BTW, sorry I have not had much time to write for the DW hub lately,
    I promise to try, if I can remember my PW 😉

    I did notice however that the Doctor Who Chronicles
    is still feeding to Twitter, awesome, and the content is intact!

    Gotta go, later dear!

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