Sad this world is still so closed minded!

I don’t often do things like this, but a message I received this morning from a blogger I re blogged a sales promotion for, ( to help out and be nice I thought lol ) who literally left me speechless for a good while.

In a world where people are hurting and killing each other with in some cases no rhyme or reason, and a world where some political runners are actually encouraging folks to beat, hurt or even kill others who don’t agree with their ideas, I receive the following message from this person, who I actually looked up to, as well as the creative work she did, until I read the following.

I noticed that you re-posted from my blog. I also noticed that you are into paganism. I am a Christian and would prefer that my posts are not on a blog that also has connections to paganism. Please remove the post. Thank you.

This was my response:

I am sad to say your post has been deleted. I was born and raised Christian, my Mother, a Christian, married my Father, a British Pagan in 1950 and they were happily married for more than 40 years, until my Father passed.

Although raised Christian, I learned to open myself up to include good people of all faiths and religious beliefs.

I am also sad to say you are not the kind of Christian I grew up with, nor associate myself with now, as they are a kinder, gentler, more informed people.

Blessed Be!


4 thoughts on “Sad this world is still so closed minded!

  1. Reblogged this on ~PaganKnot ~ and commented:

    Do you think my response was alright. I would of course not want to offend, even tho this message offended me…

    I was not raised this way, even by a Christian, and am so sad that in 2016, there are still so many mis informed and yes I will say it, un educated people, when it comes to their own backgrounds and belief systems.

    Yes Virginia, Christmas was based on a Pagan Holiday…. Thank you and good night!


  2. Also sad for her, to see how many Pagans, Wiccans, and other non Christians are actually on her blog, and licences list…. Guess it’s ok to use the art and graphics of other Pagans, but not ok to actually associate yourself with them.

    Isn’t that called HYPOCRISY?


  3. this was mentioned to me by a mutual friend, unbelievable WOW! I must admit I did a little research on this Karen person, and yes, she has friends, some of them mutual, who are clearly Wiccans, a couple of Agnostics, and some who I know claim they have no faith at all. Working in the field I have been in, you learn to do the research quickly and deep. Left a post on the original also, she embarrasses me. Makes me want to switch faiths LMAO! 😉
    (won’t happen 😉

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