The Disappearance of “Free”

If you have been subscribing, or have enjoyed the many publications I, and others have brought to you over the last several years from Paper.Li, they will cease to exist in one week, March 8th! This of course, will make this publishing service completely useless to myself, and many others who use it. Not too mention, free members are usually, and almost always, what makes an online business successful, whether they can see it or not.



This is the second big business online to take away the “free” from it’s members this year, as Payloadz, another company many have counted on for serving their digital downloads, also takes away the free!

This trend played out several years ago, when many online companies basically threw the free members who built their companies out the door, and in many of those cases it was a huge mistake for those online businesses, as they fell down the rabbit hole afterward.


In any case, it is with great sadness I tell the community this, as no one has the capital to support the fees and service charges these 2 companies are asking to keep the services. I am sure we can expect more of this to come this year.

My personal outlook is, no matter how many times an online company tells it’s members “primary goal is to make sustainable long term, ensuring continued innovation and productivity” the bottom line is they end up losing more in the long run. I have seen it, and heard it many times before (Ning, Spruz, etc. etc. etc.) too many to name, and it will be so again.



So, sorry for this happening, but the service is not worth 120 + dollars a year to me, and it obviously wasn’t to many others either, or this would not come to pass.

Enjoy the last few issues!


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